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                                            THE WRITER'S SPARK:  WRITING WORKSHOPS FOR EVERYONE

Banish your inner critic!

Embrace your innate ability to write stories!

Unleash the hounds of memory!

The Writer's Spark is a writing workshop for everyone--those of us who identify as writers and those of us who don't. In these workshops, we concentrate on re-connecting to that place in our past where we just made things, without asking the question: "Is this any good?" Freeing ourselves from that critical voice allows your stories to reveal themselves to you in unexpected ways. Inspired by the work and teaching of Lynda Barry, (artist and author of What It Is, The Good Times Are Killing Me, and Picture This, among others), participants in these workshops write, draw, color, and more. Anything Can Happen!! 

"Writing should take you for a ride."

                                          --Lynda Barry

*All workshops are currently online due to COVID-19.*

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